White Sage

Why Glitter Crystals and Sage does not sell white sage or promote smudging.


The Practice of “Smudging” and use of White Sage is a closed practice unless you are invited or taught by a Native person. White Sage originates from Southern California and it ended up being traded to tribes outside of the plants native area.



Smudging Is a ceremonial purifying ritual or prayer created by native and indigenous peoples. They used many different herbs for this practice, not just white sage. The issue is, the practice become popularized when it was illegal for natives to use their practice. This was in the late 70’s and it is still an ongoing issue today for those who request these healing ceremonies while in hospital care and are denied their practice. 

White Sage:

Since there is a trend for white sage, it has been high in demand. To say the least the plant is being overharvested. Overharvesting white sage contributes to an increase in wildfires and also endangers the native and indigenous people’s access to this plant so they can carry on the rituals and traditions their ancestors have been practicing for thousands of years.


Due to the research, I will not sell White Sage. I do provide many alternatives, and will continue to research further into this matter and many other practices.


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