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Perfectly Imperfect Bundles

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Bundle 1:

-Green flower agate point

- 4x garden quartz point

-Smokey quartz point

- Flower agate cube


Bundle 2:

-Aura quartz cluster

-3x garden quartz

- Smokey quartz point

-Flower agate cube

Bundle 3:

-fluorite heart bowl

-rose quartz lady mushroom body

-prehnite point

- Oco geode 


Bundle 4:

-purple fluorite lady mushroom body 

-opalite point 

-prehnite point 


Bundle 5:

-moss agate lady mushroom body 

- Angelite point 

-mini green mushroom

-Rose Quartz mini flame


Bundle 6:

- moss agate lady mushroom body 

- mini Rose Quartz flame 

- Angelite point 

-Oco geode