Our History

Hello, my name is Claire and I am the owner of Glitter Crystals and Sage! My interest and love for crystals started at a young age. I am from Bermuda which is known for its stunning crystal caves! In the 3rd grade my class spent a lot of time learning about the crystals and minerals found on the island, one of the first field trips was a visit to the caves which was a stunning and life changing moment, later in the year we went to a site on the island where mining was done, and everyone was able to bring home a chunk of calcite which would choose and find ourselves off the ground, these experiences mixed with a little bit of the webkinz mini gem hunting game in Curio shop is how my love and gravitational pull to crystals and specimens started. Flash forwards a couple years when I moved to Canada, I was grateful to have an amazing teacher when I was 11, in science studies we spent a lot of time learning about specimens and fossils, which he would bring in a lot of samples for us to examine and identify, he actually brought in fossil limestone specimens for us to keep. To this day I am still learning more about crystals, I am no expert by any means, but hopefully in the future I can make an impact like those teachers did for me. Flash forward to 2022, I finished my business diploma and decided I wanted to try something new, something I can have fun doing, so I decided to open my own business and apply the knowledge I learned through my many years of school to something practical for myself!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!