Live Sale F.A.Q

Here's everything you need to know to participate in a GCOS (Glitter Crystals and Sage) Live sale!. 
Live Sale Rules
By participating you agree to all of the rules as follows:

1. To claim an item comment “sold/claim", "sold/claim $ (insert price), or sold/claim 18B (price and number of item)  Please keep in mind there is a lag, so if you’re claiming an item or asking a question it really helps if you are specific.

2. If you comment to claim an item you are committing to purchasing that item! No put backs or swaps during nor after the sale.

3. The item goes to whoever's comment came in first on MY end. I will respond to your comment/confirm who got the item according to who’s comment shows up first on my screen.

4. Payment is due within 24 hours of listings being posted.

5. Shipping is additional and will be calculated at checkout. I am offering $16 flat rate shipping in Canada on a trial basis.

6. Free curbside pickup in Ottawa area..

7. Intentional failure to pay for your items will result in you being blocked from my account and from future sales and trunk shows.

Payment instructions:
Listings will be posted to my website within 48 hours of the sale.

When all the listings are up I will post to both my feed and stories.

You will not be individually notified or chased down for payment. If you think you’ll forget please turn on post notifications or set an alarm to remind you. With that said, if you’re having issues navigating please send me a DM and I will either walk you through it or send you the link.

I will not pack your order until it’s been paid for. I pack orders on a first come first serve basis after payment has been received.

To purchase your listing:

Click on the link in my bio/head to my website

Click "Live Sales"

Find the listing with your socials name on it

Please purchase within 48 hours

You can add your custom listing to your cart AND other items and pay all at once. You don’t need to ask me to add something to your order unless it is not listed online yet.